Toyota Visits WWiB for a Networking Session

toyota logoWWiB enjoyed a wonderful and insightful discussion with Sharon Matisak, Customer First Manager at Toyota’s NJ-based Motor Sales branch about her ongoing female recruitment strategy at one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Sharon is a pioneering–and only–female manager in her office with a mission to on-board women to offset the organization’s historically all-male workforce. After a few words about the automotive industry and Toyota’s welcoming and encouraging work culture, Sharon shared with us the level of expectation the company has for its sales staff, all of which has helped guide the criteria she sets for future female candidates, “We judge people not only on how many cars they sell, but also on what they’ve done for society.”

Sharon is a Penn State University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and MBA from the University of Massachusetts.

Browse through our networking event photos:

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Sharon’s discussion left us with inspiring words for the young women of Syracuse University with a promise of friendly outreach, “If nothing else, I want to offer you a face and a name, and I have a stack of business cards here for you.” For more information, check out Toyota’s career page for new updates and positions.

Be sure to take a look at Sharon’s LinkedIn profile and reach out to her with your questions!


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