General Interest Meeting Minutes 9/14/15

General Interest Meeting minutes 9/14/15 

  • About the organization
    • Who we are – our mission
    • What we do – networking opportunities, fundraising activities, professional development workshops and events, fun socials. Also partner with other organizations across the university for various events
  • Upcoming events
    • Dress for Success!
    • Apple-picking
    • Breast cancer awareness fundraisers
    • Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign workshop
    • WordPress workshop
    • Team building and leadership workshops
    • Speaker events
  • Opportunity to work as interns with Women’s Fund of CNY
  • Opportunity to work on projects from the Women’s Fund of CNY through WWiB committees
  • What are the different committees:
    • Marketing and PR
    • Fundraising – opportunity to become the VP of Finance
    • Recruitment/ “Street team”
    • Event Management
    • External relations
  • Public Relations
    • We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
    • We also have our own website where all of our information can be accessed. (
    • Our email address:
  • Registration – Fill the membership and the interest forms, and hand it over in WSoM suite 315 along with a $20 annual fees
  • About Hispanic Heritage month
  • Fun name game

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