4/10: Women Leaders in Healthcare Panel

From Amy McHale, Assistant Dean of Masters Programs:

“As part of the inaugural MBA@Syracuse (online MBA) program residency this weekend, I am hosting a panel of Women Leaders in Healthcare and I invite the WWiB to attend.  The panel will be held in Lender Auditorium from 2:30  – 4:00 pm on Friday the 10th.  I believe that you may possibly already have met Kimberly Boynton, the CEO of Crouse Hospital,  who will be there.  In addition, Kelli Harris, the Hospital’s CFO (also an iMBA), and Dr. Sandra Sulik, MD, the VP for Medical Affairs at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, will be on the panel.

Given that the MBA@Syracuse students may take up a large portion of the auditorium, I would request that your group sit in the upper level.   Business casual attire is acceptable.”


Join WWiB in attending this event! We can all sit together and network with these amazing ladies!

See you then!


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