Being a Whitman Woman

Written by Chandana Chandrashekar

Chandana, VP Membership

Everything started on November 20th, 2013, when I was shortlisting universities to which I was supposed to send my GMAT scores. Friends had told me about the Whitman School of Management and how useful the course structure was here. However, when I was doing my bit of research, the one part of the program that caught my interest was the Whitman Women in Business club. I was impressed by the quality engagement that the Whitman community provides in order to empower women in the business world. After that day, it was no looking back. My journey from application to admission was as enthusiastic and encouraged as possible because of the very helpful counsellors and faculty at Whitman.

When I first met the existing e-board of WWiB, I was amazed by the fact that these ladies balanced their academics and club activities so efficiently. They inspired me to involve myself in the club activities and build confidence in myself. In due course, I had the opportunity to attend various networking events with women leaders from multinational organizations, as well as successful small business entrepreneurs. As time passed, I was able to integrate and involve myself faster and easier which made me a sanguine woman.

One year later, on the same day, I entered the e-board as WWiB’s VP of Membership so that I could give back to the community from which I have gained. The very next day after being elected as the VP, I had a chance to serve at the “Thanksgiving Dinner” at the Blodgett School, which was a community service event organized for the less fortunate people of Syracuse. This day was very special to me because it was my first Thanksgiving. I felt elated and touched by the happiness portrayed by the people at the dinner. It gave me a sense of contentedness.

It has been a really great experience to be on the e-board with such an amazing team. So far we have organized personality development, pitching, and other professional improvement events. We have also had fun through the social outings and a 5K run. We plan to build the club by creating more engagements with women in leadership and providing value to the members.

Thank you, Whitman Women in Business and the Whitman School, for driving me towards my dream and providing a platform to serve the community.


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