Susan Beebe: Keynote Speaker for The Art of the Female Workforce

Written by Nishtha Choudhary


Susan not only runs Lighthouse Marketing, but “Tap Into Your Center”- Increasing Sales, Revenues and Profits,where she provides virtual sales and marketing training, business consulting and coaching to clients. She beganthis second business in 2013 with the hope to put her 30 years of experience to good use. By incorporating state-of-the–art mindset tools, including the technique of EFT™ (Emotional Freedom Techniques) a/k/a tapping, to assist clients with embracing and actually enjoying the sales process, she makes it easy and fun to do what’s necessary to sustain and grow a successful sales career and business enterprise. Susan’s success as a mentor and businesswoman was recognized in 2010, when she received the Ann Michel Award at the WlSE Symposium.

She has worked in the real estate industry since the age of 19 and by the time she was 25, she was offered a management role to motivate and lead 30 independent contractors.  She also serves as President on the Executive Board for the CNY Society for Human Resource Management, Strategy & Accountability Coach for Pamela Bruner’s Transformational Biz Club.


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