Minutes 2/10/15

Thank you for attending the second general body meeting. We hope you all had fun and also learned from the workshop.

Here are the meeting minutes:

  • We had a workshop, “True Colors“, through which we learned about our personality and how well we gel in a team setting
  • We had a super-bowl ad interaction session and also a discussion on gender inequality
  • The NYC trip’s dates are yet to be determined and we will update you soon
  • On the 27th of February, WWiB along with WISE will be conducting “Pitch like a girl” event in the Shine center. We will have teams who are given random materials to create a product for a given target market. The teams will then “pitch” their product and the best team wins (real prizes!). If you would like to suggest on ideas about the products or materials, please email us.
  • We will also go on Ice-skating on the same day (2/27). It will likely be free for members! We will be sending a sign-up sheet in our next email so we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • On the 21st of March we will have the “Pi-Day 5k Run.” (Pi day is over spring break so we couldn’t do it on 3/14.) It will be a fundraiser in which you can walk or run a 5k (which is almost exactly 3.14 miles) and then we will all EAT PIE! Mmmm. Delicious.

If any of you would like to share about your experience about gender inequality and how you overcame such instances, please feel free to write a blog and share it with us. It can be anonymous if you like. Just send it to us in an email, and we will post it! This is a great way to create a writing sample for job applications and expand your writing skills.

See you all at the next meeting on 2/24!


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