Super Bowl Ads 2015: The Year for Women?

There’s a lot to be said about the number of empowering messages recently aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. Ranging from the topic of fatherhood, to friendship and fast cars.

But how many of these ads sent a positive, empowering message to the one demographic who is often overlooked? Women.

One of the best examples of an advertisement geared toward bringing about awareness to the issue of women’s image came from Always’ “Like a Girl”. In just one minute you’re thrown onto a roller coaster which starts at the center of cute and funny, but quickly descends to a full stop at to the harsh realization that maybe there’s something inherently wrong with the way we teach our girls about what it means to be a woman.

On the other hand, some agencies, like the one that made the Chevrolet ad about men, trucks, and sexiness, could have leveraged female input toward a more…constructive stance on the male image. But then again, their objective is to sell cars.

Watch all the ads here on Vox and let us know what you think!


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